Project Description

Tapping into the Ozzy Zeitgeist ZeroCo were the fastest funded Kickstarter initiative of 2019 reaching their goal in just 9 days.

The team just needed a helping had to scale their concepts and bring it to the market.

Their refillable dispensers, which include recycled materials work in tandem with a refillable pouch. The pouch is an excellent medium for transporting product direct to consumers. If designed correctly they are robust throughout the supply chain surviving the most rigorous shipping and handling transformations. They also allow easy delivery of product into your forever dispenser and can be packed flat reducing return costs to the brand and supporting further refilling.

Arne.Studio engineered the packaging and worked alongside their incumbent filling partners to create a filling/refilling and inline quality inspection process.

The result of this collaboration was the recipient of 2021 PIDA Awards – Domestic & Household Packaging Category Gold Winner.